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“keep pushing forward”

“around the dinner table” 8×10 mixed media, acrylic on original photograph

“garden view” 8×10 mixed media.. acrylic on original photograph..
“end of the trail” 8×10 .. mixed media, acrylic on  an original photograph
“enjoying the day”  8×10 mixed media, acrylic and permanent marker on original photograph

my schedule

Hey everyone;

hope as is well…our schedules have gotten bigger and more complex than ever before…..recently  when i was noticing the different number of appointments i was having in a months time….it really got me to thinking how much of our lives are controlled by our outlook, by our digital schedules, how much time is spent checking our dashes, hits  and emails, ratings, analytics,  alexa,   amazingly enough its the different colors and the  combination of meetings that inspired the new creation………this was the inspiration to my new abstract  “schedule” , this is 64 x 42, oil,…

hope you all enjoy… talk to you soon

………….peace …….