corporate art program

Our corporate leasing program, Art to Share © is designed to benefit both the client and the artist. The program is available to corporations as an art program that places and allows a company to exhibit quality original art in their organizations. The art is leased to the corporation in periods of 6 months. At the end of 6 months the client can renew the lease for an additional six months, return the art, or lease new art.

You will be able to enjoy some terrific benefits!!

Enhancing a workplace with art helps businesses to project a cohesive image and create a more energetic, lively and interesting environment.It allows us the an opportunity to show our creative pieces that would normally be tucked away in a storage unit.

The art is leased based on a percentage of the art’s value. As an example, if the art is valued at $2500 the client may pay 1% of the value or $25 each month for six months or $150. The full amount of the lease is due at the signing of the agreement. For lower valued art the percentages are increased. If the client would like to buy the art at the end of the lease it can be purchased for the full value minus the lease fees that were paid.

At the conclusion of the lease the art is returned to the art of james

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