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“above the pandemic”

Hey everyone…

Hope you are all well and staying safe.   Here is my latest abstract.  This is 48 x48, oil and gesso on canvas.  It is titled “above the pandemic”.  What an incredible time we are starting to emerge form.   Heres hoping you and yours stay above the pandemic.  I’ll have another one out shortly.  Talk soon, stay safe….

…. james

Melting Glacier

Hey everyone,

Hope you are doing well and staying safe.  Here is my latest creation.  It is 48 x 36 oil, gesso and aluminum on hand stretched canvas. I saw the other day where the ice caps are already 25 degrees warmer than in years past, and we have lost a tremendous amount of glacial mass.  Its very sad that  we don’t have any plans to protect one of our greatest resources.  We have to do more.  I have seen several glaciers in my life and they are to say the least incredibly impressive.  Here’s hoping we can reverse this trend quicly and powerfully.  I’ll have another creation out for you shortly. Talk soon




Global Trotter

Hey Everyone;

Hope you are well.. seems its been forever since I posted.. I have been super busy on a new project, but i managed to start carving out some studio time… anyway here is my latest creation.  This is 48 x 48 oil on canvas.  This is titled, “global trotter“.. I was recently in Washington State and saw this incredible horse running across a field.  the image was remarkable… Hope you all enjoy.. I’ll have another creation out shortly. Take care and stay safe



New Route

Hey Everyone;

Hope this find you well.. Really excited for the spring to get over so I can get ride of the allergies.  Been busy in the Studio.. here is my most recent work.  This is titled “New Route”.  This piece is 6 ft x 6ft.  Mixed medial, oil and cheesecloth on gesso and canvas.   Sometime its the unexpecated route we all take that makes all the difference in the world.  New works ocming out shortly.  Talk to you all soon!




Visions in the Moment

Hey everyone…

Seems its been awhile since we published on our blog.  Hope this post finds you all well.  Just stopping to catch my breath on a very busy past 12 months.  I finally was able to launch a new project which is all consuming,  but still finding time to make it to the studio.  Here is my latest creation, “Visions in a Moment.”  When I am working on paintings, I really don’t like to use visual references, as its important to see what is is the heart and in the soul.  For me it provides a sense of honesty that we rarey see anymore.   God knows we could all use a little more honesty.  Recently I found a really profound quote from a great american writer regarding vision.  I think it encompasses how a great vision is formed.  

                            “The common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that, but the seeing eye pierces through and reads the heart and the soul.”
Mark Twain . 

Always strive to fulfil your visions.  Hope you all enjoy.  More work is on the studio walls and should be out shortly.. take care



Early Morning in the Garden

Early morning in the garden… Great place to recharge and get centered for the day.. Getting ready for some studio time..Have a great Friday everyone….



AOJ and friends taking a break from the studio…

Hey all…

AOJ taking a break from the studio to enjoy one of my favorite bands…. #GipsyKings …. Redrock Casino is such a great venue… totally a fan!! love these guys. #greatmusicians #greatfriends  Always great to relax and recharge…

talk soon..


Abstract 99

Hey everyone..

Hope this post finds you well.  Been busy with alot of new projects.  Here is my latest creation.  This is a mixed media piece, 48 x 48,  oil and metal fencing on canvas.  Found this bent metal fencing in an alley several months back and was immediately attracted to it..  I have always liked the way old metal can impact and add to the overall composition both subtly and in a dramatic fashion.  In this piece the bent old metal adds to the overall subtleness of the piece. This piece is titled “abstract 99”.  Hope you all enjoy,  i’ll have another one out shortly.  Take care…talk soon




Hey Everyone!

hard to believe that 1/2 of the year is already over… been an interesting one for sure…hope yours is going well… here is my latest creation… this one is 6ft x 6ft… it is oil and gesso on canvas… it is titled “residual”. … hope you all enjoy.. happy to say the studio is busy and we are excited to share with you our latest creations…. talk soon. Enjoy your 4th!!!



Re- Engagement

Hey Everyone;

Happy Memorial Day weekend.  Hope you are all well.. can’t believe that we are already at the start of summer.. We are busy loading up the studio with new works…Here is my latest creation.. it is 40 x40, oil stick, oil, silver leaf on handstrectched canvas… it is titled ” Re-Engagement”.  None of us get through life without enduring some sort of set back.  it’s inevitable that we have them… the question is how do we handle it?.. I am a firm believer that it’s all about the re-engagement and moving forward… some of my greatest successes have come after some sort of set back.  Whether its personal, professional or even social, the only way to overcome is to re- engage.   Stand up and move forward.  Not always the easiest, but always the most fruitful.  Here’s hoping that if you have a set back you can re-engage and move into your own successful realm.  Hope you all enjoy…I’ll have another piece out shortly… take care




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