Starting out 2019

Hey everyone; Always good to start the new year with some new work.  This creation is 48 x48 mixed media, copper,silver, gold leaf, oil, on canvas.  Hope you all have a healthy and successful 2019… we’ll have another one out shortly… talk soon..   …peace …………..james 

Finally getting some time in the studio

Hello everyone; Hope you are are well.  Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Seems like craziness is a real disease lately…relieved to get back in the studio.  Here is my latest creation… it’s 48 x 50, oil, paper, glue on wood, currently untitled.  Hope you all enjoy,  We’ll have another one out shortly..   peace……….. james

Connect the dots

Hey Everyone;

Hope you are all fine… Can’t believe its already Easter… Just finished this piece… its 40 x 40, Oil on canvas.. its titled “Connect the Dots”.. As an entrepreneur and a business man its important to be able to see through all the everyday static that so many of us have and connect the dots.  Clear vision gets clear results ….. talk soon… I’ll have another one out shortly…



we all have detour’s

Hey Everyone; Hope you are all doing well… Here is my latest creation.. it is 6ft x 4 ft, oil and gesso… it is titled “Detour” .

Life’s detours

Sometimes life will present you with an unexpected detour. Sometimes you’ll spend a lot of time and effort, and end up right back where you started. Such times are no reason for despair. Rather, they provide an opportunity for renewed determination and commitment.

Sometimes, things will not go as you planned. When that happens, keep in mind that much of life’s richness comes from its unpredictability.

Rather than cursing the detours that life throws your way, explore what they have to offer. Even though you’re not moving in the direction you intended to go, you can still make positive progress.

No moment is wasted when you live it with passion and purpose. Every sincere effort brings a valuable reward, even though the result may not be exactly as you planned. Getting there the fastest is not nearly as important as making the most of every moment.

Value and enjoy the journey, even when there are detours along the way.

— Ralph Marston


We will have another one ourt shortly… talk soon …….peace ………..james