Global Trotter

Hey Everyone;

Hope you are well.. seems its been forever since I posted.. I have been super busy on a new project, but i managed to start carving out some studio time… anyway here is my latest creation.  This is 48 x 48 oil on canvas.  This is titled, “global trotter“.. I was recently in Washington State and saw this incredible horse running across a field.  the image was remarkable… Hope you all enjoy.. I’ll have another creation out shortly. Take care and stay safe



New Route

Hey Everyone;

Hope this find you well.. Really excited for the spring to get over so I can get ride of the allergies.  Been busy in the Studio.. here is my most recent work.  This is titled “New Route”.  This piece is 6 ft x 6ft.  Mixed medial, oil and cheesecloth on gesso and canvas.   Sometime its the unexpecated route we all take that makes all the difference in the world.  New works ocming out shortly.  Talk to you all soon!




Visions in a Moment

This piece is 48 x 48, mixed media, oil, cheese cloth and acrylics.  This is titled,  “visions in the moment”